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Genealogy Bookshelf


Great Books Curated just for Genealogists

Bookshelf is updated every two weeks.  If you do not find what you're looking for, check back soon.  Last update: August 21, 2023

Genealogy Books that can be read on Kindle Unlimited for FREE!

A monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited is needed.

The Encyclopedia of American Last Names: Family Genealogy and Meanings for 1000 Surnames of Early European Settlers to the United States Kindle Edition

by Nancy J. Price (Author), 

Return to Robinswood: An Irish family saga. (The Robinswood Story Book 2) Kindle Edition

by Jean Grainger (Author)

The Genealogy Research Planning Cycle: A Roadmap to Becoming a More Effective Family History Researcher Kindle Edition

by Philip R. Thieler (Author)

Jump Start Your Geealogy Research: Super Simple Steps for Tracing Your Family Tree Kindle Edition

by Vickie Chupurdia (Author)

Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837: A Guide for Family Historians Kindle Edition

by Jonathan Oates (Author)


New England

The Winthrop Fleet 

Massachusetts Bay Company Immigrants to New England, 1629–1630

by Robert Charles Anderson (Author)

Used Books

Used Books
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