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Peter & Abigail Kanawyer

Peter and his wife Abigail were both listed on the census record. Abigail was the daughter of James Cole.

Two John Cole's listed

On the census record for Washington, Cass, Indiana, there was a John Cole married to Nancy [Kanawyer] as well as John who is the son of James.

President of Turlock Irrigation District

Abner M was president of the Turlock Irrigation District from 1947 to 1967.

Moved to Richmond

Living with her mother and father. They lived in an apartment or duplex at 619 South 10th Street in Richmond CA. The family living in the other apartment was her Great Aunt ( Mary Voerster) who married Alvin Beckwith. Marjorie called her Mrs. Beckwith even though she was her aunt. Marjorie said that was what everyone else called her, so she did too. Marjorie was fond of both Mrs. Beckwith and her uncle, Alvin.

From Ohio to California

Excerpted from Crowell Manuscript by Elizabeth Crowell Kolb, daughter of Abner Buel Crowell:

Abner Buell Crowell came to California with his parents via the Isthmus of panama in 1855, sailing from New York. They settled in Yuba county, first in Fosters bar and later in Camptonville, and engaged in Placer mining. He worked in and about the mines until after his mother's death, when he returned to the east, clerked in his Uncle George's store in Peru, [Indiana], and attended school. When he was about 19 years old, he returned to California, coming overland by train, and taught school in Grangeville, then part of Tulare county but now in Kings county, boarding in the home of Capt. Peter Kanawyer, whose daughter he married. In about 1873 he purchased 160 acres of government land and began farming on the tract that is now known as the Crowell sub-division and is adjacent to Hanford. He and his wife lived on this farm until 1908, engaging principally in dairying. In 1908 his health failed and he retired and they moved to Oakland. They lived there until Mrs. Crowell's death, when he went to his daughter's home in Monterey.

He was raised to a Master Mason in Hanford Lodge No. 279, F. & A. M., 13 Sept. 1890. He was a trustee of the Hanford High School form the time the district was formed until 1908, and was for many years a trustee of the Hanford Grammar School.

Car Sales Woman

Marjorie was one of the first women in San Francisco California to sell cars in 1968. She was featured in an ad about the Dodge Girls, a play on the Dodge boys who were the salesmen who sold Dodge.


James lived with his family in Washington, Cass, Indiana

Church Membership

Abner was a member of the Christian Church.

Charles was the executor to his father's estate.

In the article, Charles C Crowell is selling to the highest bidder, property of A B Crowell, his late father.

Moved to Hanford California

Newspaper article indicated that he moved to Hanford in 1870.

High School Graduation

Attended and Graduated from Turlock High School, Turlock, Stanislaus, California.

Cause of Death

Abner died of a heart attack.

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