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Add or Register New Surname

Add or register a new surname by following these steps:

  1. Build a Family Group Sheet for the progenitor of the family.  This would be the person in the family line that has the earliest birthdate or is the furthest back ancestor you have found so far.  Don't worry, if you find an earlier ancestor, you can change the progenitor later.

  2. Go to Manage my Collections on the menu at the top of any page.  Select Surname Registry.  ---You can also select the button near the top that says "Add Surname".

  3. Enter the last name (surname) of the family in the "Enter New Surname" box.

  4. Enter the name of the progenitor in the filter box to find the progenitor's name in the table below it.

  5. Click on the progenitor's row in the table.

  6. Add an image associated with this surname.  You do not have to add an image.  You can also add this later.

  7. Add a link to an external website if you want.  

  8. Click the "Add New Surname" Button once you have completed the Surname Registry Form.  

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