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Two 1st Cousins, Linda and Robin  (that's us!) began researching family history together in 1983.  Throughout the years we that have been researching our many Surnames, we have collected file cabinets filled with copies, notes and family group sheets.  Each piece of information has been important to our research especially when we take our trips to libraries, archives and cemeteries.   It became clear to us that having access to our files and organizing our family histories to manage our research was what we needed. 

We believe in the community of genealogists and the need to share resources and information.  Our research efforts have revealed to us that many inaccurate family histories exist due to one researcher's mistake being shared repeatedly by others.  There are times when researchers add information to their family histories that is still under development and may or may not be completely accurate.  Researchers who are just getting started often unknowingly rely on the wrong information.  One of our intentions is to help reduce the amount of misinformation being shared.  Giving genealogists the opportunity to rate where they are in their research will communicate to others how reliable the information is and also allow them to keep track of their own progress. 

That need for an organized, reliable, accessible and easy method for managing our family's history in a way that can be shared with others became the impetus for CuZens Family History Collections.  CuZens Family Groups Sheets make it easy to keep track of each family.  The Surname Collections give context to each family.  Whether you are just searching for information or use CuZens Family History Collections to manage your research, we hope that your genealogy needs are met.


Very sadly,

Linda passed away on December 9, 2020.  She will always be missed.   It is in Linda's memory that Robin continues the family history research and development of CuZens Genealogy.

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